Gift of Hope

For a lot of parents with children who are schooling, this December is going to be one of the most challenging months they’ve faced, as their children prepare to start a new school year in January. With soaring inflation and prices of school supplies gone up, books, stationery, new uniforms and other expenses related to schooling have become unaffordable to many families.

Some children have already started to write all their subjects in one note book unable to afford separate books for each subject. Some have to share stationery with siblings. Some have stopped schooling as their parents no longer can afford it.

This Christmas we are aiming to support school children of most economically vulnerable families with school supplies for their new school year. Please join us as we spread the gift of HOPE this Christmas!

Here is how you can partner:

  • Donate through cash 

  • Donate through kind

  • Join as a fundraising volunteer

Call us on 076 668 1681 or mail us at to donate in kind or support fundraising.

Let’s make sure no child gets left behind from school next year!

To read more on the school supplies requirement per child according to their grade please click here: Gift of Hope Concept Note

Location: Trincomalee, Eastern Province Sri Lanka

Number of Beneficiaries: 125 School Children

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